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New: EKOKLAS - organic wheat flour

We are proud to present a new member of our flour family – ekoklas organic flour.

Ekoklas flour is made from carefully selected, finest sorts of locally grown organic wheat. Certified organic farming guarantees GM-free food production without the usage of chemicals like artificial fertilisers and pesticides. Organic farming is based on methods that encourage and improve biodiversity and build natural resilience of soil and plants. The results are health benefits for both people and the environment. We recognized the importance and potentials of organic farming and started with agricultural production of organic wheat on our own land.

There are currently four types of ekoklas flour: whole wheat flour, type 550 (0.5%-0.6% ash), type 1100 (1.05%-1.15% ash) and type 400 semolina (up to 0.45% ash). Please visit our website and find out more about ekoklas flour and organic farming! 

The logo „Croatian eco-product“ guarantees that the production of ekoklas flour is supervised by accredited professionals and is certified in accordance with all legal requirements.

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