Agricultural and foodstuffs industry

Žitar d.o.o.

The company Žitar d.o.o. is located in Donji Miholjac. The company is active since 1999. and its activities include production of agricultural goods, growth of vegetables, production of livestock feed, storage of oilseeds and grains as well as agricultural production through cooperation with smaller producers

Agricultural production
Combining modern technology with professional support we are able to achieve respectable quality and yield within the field of agricultural production and production of seeds. The cultures we cultivate are oil seeds, barley, wheat, potatoes, sugar cane, soy, sunflower and corn. Our seed production includes wheat, barley, soy and corn on 1100 ha of land.

Livestock production
For our milk production purposes we built a new farm with a capacity of 300 dairy cows, and a cattle fattening facility with a 200 cow capacity. We operate 2 new facilities for pig breeding with a capacity of 2800 pigs.

Livestock feed production
We produce our feed (pigs, cattle and poultry) in a modernly equipped, HACCP accredited feed producing facility, with a capacity of 30.000 tonnes.

Grains and oilseeds storage and drying.
Our storage facilities have a silo capacity of 38,500T and floor storage capacity of 30,000 t. We are a government licensed storage facility, and as such we can store and issue storage certificates up to 5000 T of licence oilseeds and grains. We are equipped with all tecnical equipment which is necessary to perform all technology procedures related to reception, storage, processing and shipment of grain and oilseeds.

Seed production
Yearly production of seed wheat is 5000T and 1000T of seed barley, soy and triticale.

Agricultural cooperation
Production and purchasing of agricultural products in cooperation with our partners is performed on approximately 8000 ha of land. We provide all of the needed raw materials (seeds, fertiliser, protection agents) as well as professional consultation services.

Kralja Držislava 1, 31540 Donji Miholjac
Agricultural and foodstuffs industry