PJ mill Farina


In the production of flour in the mill Farina, special attention is given to the choice of raw materials which are controlled on receipt in silo and again before being used in the production process. Controlling procedures are executed in the company’s laboratory and in the laboratories authorized for the food safety supervision. The flour packaging is completely automatic. Implementation of modern procedures and standards, as well as the biggest capacity in the Republic of Croatia all stand as additional reasons why every day increasing number of buyers from Croatia and other countries in the region choose the flour “Farina”.

Gornji Draganec 251, Gornji Draganec
Grinding of wheat and rye
Milling capacity:
300 Mt / 24h
Storage capacity:
12.000 t
Reception capacity:
1.000 Mt / 24h
Dry kiln capacity:
300 Mt / 24h

The flour “Farina” is marked by the sign “Croatian quality”.

The mill Farina has achieved the ISO and HACCP ceriticate.

Whole-grain wheat flour – integral

This flour is produced by grinding whole grain, without sifting. It is rich in minerals and vitamins, especially vitamin E, B vitamins, and cellulose fibres. Bread made of this flour has a darker colour, rough structure and it is characteristic for its full taste. The whole-grain flour “Farina” is a right choice for persons who take care of their health and would like to have a balanced diet, and for those having indigestion and cardiovascular problems. It is available in the 1kg and 50kg packaging.

Rye flour TYPE 1250

Rye is a cereal crop which is similar to wheat but has a somewhat narrower and longer kernel of yellow-brown to grey-green colour. Rye flour with addition of brown wheat flour is used for making bread and rolls. It does not give the dough a gluten-foamy structure, hence rye bread has a smaller volume, very characteristic taste and lengthened freshness. The rye flour “Farina” is available in the 1kg and 50kg packaging and in bulk.

Half-white wheat flour TYPE 850

The half-white wheat flour “Farina” is particularly adequate for making bread and rolls, that is why it is known under the name “bread flour”. This flour has a greater nutritional value, contains more vitamins, minerals, proteins and cellulose fibres than white flour. The half-white wheat flour “Farina” is available in the packaging of
1kg, 25kg and 50kg, as well as in bulk.

White wheat flour- smooth TYPE 550

This white, soft-to-touch flour is used for making bread, different types of rolls and pastry. White bread is soft and elastic, has a light, fine structure and a pleasant taste; it easily melts in the mouth. Its colour is rosy, the shape is symmetric and the crust crisp. Since it takes less time to digest, it is adequate for persons having flatulence problems and convalescents. The white smooth flour “Farina” is available in the packaging of 1kg, 2kg, 5kg, 25kg, and 50kg, as well as in bulk.

White wheat flour – rough TYPE 400

Rough white flour is made by separating the finest part of the kernel endosperm. That is why white flours produce friable and foamy dough which is easily shaped and has excellent baking properties. Rough flour is used in different recipes; however it is particularly adequate for different fritters, dumplings, gnocchi, homemade noodles and pasta. The rough white flour “Farina” is available in packaging of 1kg, 2kg, 5kg, 25 kg, and 50kg, as well as in bulk.

Flour for leavened cakes TYPE 400

Other than standard white wheat flours, there are also specific flours adequate for making products of great volume and elastic, stable and silky structure. With the flour for leavened cakes you can make special, finest sorts of milk bread and rolls with additions – like “orehnjača” (leavened roll with walnut filling), “makovnjača” (leavened roll with poppy seed filling), donuts, Croatian cake “saće” (in the form of honeycomb) or rolls with jam fillings. The flour combines well with fresh or active dry yeast, which enhances the dough volume and looseness. Available in the 1kg, 25kg and 50kg packaging.

Flour for pastries TYPE 400

The wheat flour for pastries “Farina” is of semi-rough granulation. It is exceptionally good for making shortcakes and shortcake rolls. A very small amount of water is necessary for making dough from this flour, so the dough is dry and easy to model in pastries of different shapes. The wheat flour for pastries is available in the 1kg, 25kg and 50kg packaging.

Flour for pizza TYPE 550

Although it seems like a simple dish, preparation of pizza has its rules. Pizza dough is made exclusively from special type of flour, yeast, salt and water, and it needs to be formed by hand. To ensure success, the wheat flour for pizza produces soft, easily manageable dough, which still has a strong capability to preserve favourable dough structure during baking. Available in the 1kg, 25kg and 50kg packaging.

Wheat semolina – grits TYPE 400

The wheat semolina or grits “Farina” is pure, white flour of grainy structure, produced from core of the wheat kernel, without bran particles. It is suitable for preparing porridge, soufflés, fillings, and instant grits is used as baby food. It was almost forgotten, but recently it reappears more frequently in domestic recipes. It is available in the 1kg, 25kg and 50kg packaging.

Brown wheat flour TYPE 1100 / TYPE 1600

Brown wheat flour is produced in wheat kernel grinding of high degree; hence it is rich in valuable vitamins, minerals and cellulose fibres. It is a recommended ingredient in healthy bread and rolls which have a lower energy value, but provide more satiety. Although brown flour bread and rolls are particularly adequate for persons on a diet, in recent times they are increasingly conquering more demanding palates. The brown wheat flour “Farina” is available in the 1kg, 25kg and 50kg packaging as well as in bulk.