PJ mill Kopanica


The mill Kopanica produces flour for bakery and confectionery industry. The facility uses modern mill technology, and the production process is completely automatic, continuously monitored and controlled, from the receipt of raw materials to the final product. The mill Kopanica has the HACCP and ISO 9001:2000 certificates. This type of production environment ensures the production of flour which is of stable, top quality throughout the year, and the usage of such flour in bakery and confectionery industry contributes significantly to higher efficiency of the production itself and to the stable quality of the products.

The wheat production capacity of 240Mt / 24h, total silo capacity of 11,000Mt and final product storage of 1,500Mt ensure that our clients’ needs are met completely and timely. What stands as an acknowledgement of our quality and reliability is continuous trust of our customers, as well as the fact that the wheat flours of the mill Kopanica are an indispensable raw material for the production by rising number of bakers and confectioners, both in Croatia and abroad.

Ivana Filipovića 159, Velika Kopanica
Cereal crops grinding
Milling capacity:
240 t / 24h
Storage capacity:
12.000 t
Reception capacity:
1.200 Mt / 24h
Dry kiln capacity:
360 Mt / 24h

The mill Kopanica has achieved the ISO and HACCP ceriticate.