Cheese production

Longstanding tradition and renowned quality

Zdenka Zdenka Zdenka

The facilities of “Zdenka” are situated in Veliki Zdenci near Bjelovar, on the slopes of Bilogora. Its roots can be traced in cheese production by the steam creamery in 1897, and 1921 is considered to be the founding year of the modern factory.

“Zdenka” engages in the production of cheese, and it is mostly known for processed cheeses. It was the first facility in south-eastern Europe to fabricate these products. Today, other than processed cheese, “Zdenka” has a wide spectrum of cheeses intended for various consumer groups.

All of the cheeses are made out of chosen raw materials, in a way to combine easily and create first-class product of homemade taste. They meet high quality standards, and have achieved the HACCP and Kocher certificates. In addition, the cheeses “Zdenka” have qualified for the sign “Croatian quality”.

Annual production capacity of milk processing amounts to 36,000,000 litars, which ensures sufficient quantities for meeting consumer needs.

Zdenka’s product assortment includes:

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