Cooperation and trade

Partners in Quality

We collaborate with partners ranging from small local family farms to large industrial producers. Our grain purchasing is focused – both on trading, and primarily on supporting our own production needs. The ability to control the source of our raw materials is crucial for quality assurance.

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The cooperation department deals with the organization of crop production of Granolio's long-term partners. Cooperatives are supplied with all the input materials necessary for their agricultural production process.

Farm Inputs

We offer our partners a complete range of mineral fertilizers, seed goods and protective agents from renowned Croatian and international manufacturers.

Storage and Trading

We store, clean, dry and buy grains and oilseeds produced by our cooperatives.

Processing and Sales

We process raw materials in our mills or place them on the domestic and international markets.

Expert Support

In addition to all that, we also provide our cooperatives with all the necessary expert knowledge and advice.

Points of Purchase


Storage and runway

Čeminac, Nova, Čeminac

Beli Manastir

Storage and runway

Bele Bartoka 32, Beli Manastir


Storage and runway

Ulica T. Mikića bb, Nova Bukovica



Vukovarska 201a, Čađavica



Leopolda Mandića 243 a, Osijek


Storage and runway

Beravci 79, Velika Kopanica

Bijelo Brdo

Storage and runway

Ratarska bb, Bijelo Brdo

Grubišno Polje

Storage and runway

Braće Radića 45, Grubišno Polje


Our company operates in numerous locations across the continental part of Croatia.

Quality control

We were the first in Croatia's milling industry to implement the HACCP system (2004) and IFS Food (2011).