About us

More than 120 employees and business according to the ISO 9001:2015 and HACCP standards

The company Granolio d.d. was founded in December 1996 with headquater in Zagreb.

The primary business activity was trading with oilseeds, grains, feedstuff components, live animals and meat. In 2001 the company starts to focus on production and today we are a producer in several different foodstuff and precessing industries.

Granolio d.d. holds the leading position within the Croatian milling industry, with a market share larger than 20% and more than 100 000 MT of milled wheat per year. Our storage capacities exceed 90 000 MT of grain and oilseeds, while our cooperation with smaller producers of agricultural commodities is organised on more than 45 000 ha.

Our livestock segment includes a dairy cow farm with 500 dairy cows, and in cooperation with our business partners we also organise the breeding of beef cattle.

In cooperation with our strategic partner, Cautio d.o.o. from Našice, we process about 50 000 liters of mild per day, and within the livestock industry we own a farm with 500 dairy cows, a pig breeding facility with 2800 pigs and a 200 beef cattle rearing farm. We also have a capacity to store 68,500 MT of grain and oilseeds and a feed production facility with a 30 000 ton capacity. Primary agricultural production spans 1200 ha of arable land and 3,5 ha of greenhouses. Production and purchase of agricultural commodities in cooperation with our small business partners and Cautio d.o.o. spans more than 8.000 ha.

Our customers growth of trust is earned by the production of highest quality products and services and which are a result continious improvement and development of our business and implementation od ISO 9001:2015, IFS and HACCP standards.


Site Production unit Activity Contact
Zagreb Granolio d.d. Company headquater

Tel: +385 1 6320 200

Fax: +385 1 6320 222

Gornji Draganec PU/BU mill Farina Flour production

Tel: +385 43 776 483

Fax: +385 43 776 484

Velika Kopanica PU/BU mill Kopanica Flour production

Tel: +385 35 477 300

Fax: +385 35 477 330

Slavonski Brod PU/BU silo Bjeliš Storage of cereal and oil crops

Tel: +385 35 453 104

Fax: +385 35 453 105

Osijek PU/BU Osijek Commerce of agricultural products, seeds, manure and plant protective substances

Tel: +385 31 281 100

Fax: +385 31 281 555

related companies (affiliates)

Owner Address Activity Contact
Zdenačka farma d.o.o. Mate Lovraka 118/b, 43 293 Veliki Zdenci Milk production Tel: +385 43 427340
Fax: +385 43 427348
PJ Prerada žitarica Braće Radića 45, 43 290 Grubišno Polje Storage of cereal and oil crops Tel: +385 43 485438
Fax: +385 43 485029
Zdenka - mliječni proizvodi d.o.o. Trg kralja Tomislava 15, 43 293 Veliki Zdenci Production of diary products Tel: +385 43 675500
Fax: +385 43 427258