Milk and cheese

A Modern Farm for the Legendary Cheese

Zdenačka farma Ltd., a dairy cow farm with 430 cows that produce milk, operates as part of the Granolio Group, alongside our flour production. Annually, they produce about 5,000,000 kg of milk. This milk is then used by Zdenka-Dairy Products Ltd. to make the well-known Zdenka cheese.

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Zdenačka farma

Zdenačka farma is located in Veliki Zdenci, 5 kilometres away from Zdenka dairy products. In a completely reconstructed and modernized farm, dairy cows of superior genetic potential are producing high-quality milk.


  • 500 lactating cows 
  • Solar power plant with a capacity of 292 kW



Mate Lovraka 118/b

Veliki Zdenci




Tel: +385 43 427340
Fax: +385 43 427348



Zdenka dairy products

Zdenka specializes in cheese production and is most famous for its processed cheeses, which it was the first to produce in Southeast Europe. Today, in addition to processed cheeses, there is a complete range of cheeses intended for various consumer groups.


  • Annual milk processing capacity: 36,000,000 litres
  • HACCP quality standard certificate
  • Kosher certificate
  • Zdenka processed cheeses bear the ‘Croatian Quality’ mark.



Trg kralja Tomislava 15

Veliki Zdenci 43 293




Tel.: +385 43 675 500


Sustainable development

We see our leadership position as a responsibility that goes beyond market competition. We invest in technologies, equipment and people to reduce the long-term negative consequences of our production. We aim to leave a cleaner and healthier environment by promoting sustainable business practices.


Solar power plants

Consistent with our commitment to energy efficiency and the green economy, in 2022 an investment in solar power plants with a total capacity of 4.3 MW was realized at four production locations. This investment will result in an annual reduction of 1,100 t of CO2 emissions, promoting sustainable electricity production.

Reduction of plastic in packaging

By packing milling products in cardboard trays, the use of thermal foil is reduced, thereby decreasing the use of plastic in the production process.

Electrification of forklifts

Replacing gasoline forklifts with electric ones at Zdenka-mliječni proizvodi ltd. is an upgrade to the investment in solar panels, aimed at using energy from our own production, protecting the environment and ensuring the health of employees.


Quality Control

We were the first in Croatia in the milling industry to implement the HACCP system (2004) and IFS food (2011).